Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Thank You!

See, I knew bitching would get me what I wanted.

For future reference ladies: Don't whine, don't nag, just bitch a little. I know I sure as Hell don't like whiners and naggers. If you have the balls to bitch to me, you get noticed, and you get heard. Notice I said "a little". I don't mean you should BE a bitch. Lord knows that women who are full out bitches need to be slapped.

Now time for some business. I am a lazy fairy. If you are a shoutboxer and I have given you credits let me know. My home looks a little bare and it is time for some decor. See that little area that says "pimps"? Huh? Do ya?!

Well damn it, leave me a comment linking to your site and saying something wonderful and loving to me, and I'll have Paulo link you.

Got it?



Oh one more thing, does this blog make my ass look big?